Aboveground Pools vs In-Ground Pools

aboveground pools vs in-ground pools

We Have Your Answers To Aboveground Vs In-Ground Swimming Pools

You know how this works! Pool Broker is here to provide you with the answers you’re around Aboveground pools vs in-ground pools. There’s two type of aboveground swimming pools, and we’d like to first start out with the two type of aboveground pools.

Aboveground Pool Kits

Above ground pool kits are typically those vinyl style pools you buy from K-mart. While cheap and easy to install you need to have a flat area to set up your pool. Generally they can last anywhere from 2 – 7 years depending on the use and bathing load.

One of the cons to having an aboveground pool kit is the wear and tear. When you the vinyl liner is torn you’ll need to patch this up to avoid substantial loss of water. The ongoing cost of repairs and loss of water can become quite a costly exercise over time. You also need to do a lot more manual work with these pools. In terms of cleaning aboveground pool come with a much smaller filtration set up. Other constraints are that these kits require manual circulation of the pools water. In addition the filtration you normally get for these pools are very different to what you will find in the pool shops, therefore making it hard to get advice or replace it when required.

If you’re looking for an aboveground pool to outlast the years to come, we’d recommend talking to your local pool builder to design a concrete or fibreglass swimming pool specific to your requirements. Plus, there’s no denying the concrete and fibreglass pools look heaps better!

Concrete & Fibreglass Aboveground Pools

Next is the other type of aboveground pools normally made from concrete or fibreglass and installed to outlast. Typically the only time you would require an aboveground pool of this nature would be where you have a sloping piece of land where some of the pool is required to be out of the ground to ensure it’s level with your patio, landscaped area, or entertainment area. Whilst more costly than your aboveground pool kit, an above ground concrete or fibreglass pool will look far better.

In-Ground Pool

In-ground pools are again typically constructed with concrete or a manufactured fibreglass shell. You can also get vinyl liner pools in-ground and whilst the structure itself should outlast, the vinyl liners will need replacing every 5 – 7 years.

Both concrete and fibreglass in-ground pools should last decades and enable you to design your pool how you like. As with the concrete or fibreglass above ground pools, you have almost limitless design options. Whether you are after a lap pool, plunge pool, pool and spa combination, custom designed pool, or luxurious infinity edge pool, your local pool builders have you covered.


Overall, you need to weigh up your options in terms of price, maintenance, and the overall look and feel. That being said, we think a concrete or fibreglass swimming pool whether that be above ground or in-ground should be the way to go towards creating that private oasis you can call your own for many years. Not to mention you can add so many different elements such as a custom designed water feature, custom pool slide, pool jets, and so much more. Find a pool builder near you and get your dream pool design and quote started today.


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