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Are you looking at your options and considering installing a fibreglass pool? You’ve come to the right place! We have put together all of the answers to the common questions.

Fibreglass pools are made from Fibreglass, just as the name suggests. Unlike custom designed concrete pools the fibreglass shell come in one piece and are made by manufacturers in a factory.

In terms of customisability you’re choices are limited to the offerings of the pool builder you choose. River Pools and Spa’s provide further insight into ‘How to customise a fibreglass pool’. When looking for a fibreglass pool builder it’s important that you seek a pool company with high manufacture standards as each fibreglass pool builder has different offerings.  Our team here at Pool Broker have listed a few of the things you need to consider when shopping around for your swimming pool. Continue reading!

Fibreglass pool installation

What Sizes Do Fibreglass Pools Come In?

This is a very good question! Given that fibreglass pool shells are already pre made in a factory they aren’t really customisable, you need to find the right size suited to your needs. Pool sizes can range from anywhere between 5 metres to 13 meters in length. Each fibreglass pool company will have different size fibreglass pools within their range, so make sure you shop around to find the perfect sized swimming pool for your backyard.

What Shape Do Fibreglass Pools Come In?

Fibreglass pools whilst custom made, come in a variety of shapes. Again, this can be different from each fibreglass pool builder. Some of the options you have include, but are not limited to:

The most popular shape fibreglass pool in Australia is the rectangular shape given the simplicity in design. However, one of the most recent innovations in the fibreglass pool industry is the infinity edge swimming pool shells. This has provided more competition in the industry as fibreglass pool companies work towards providing more offerings in order to compete with their competitive concrete pool builders.

Can You Select Different Fibreglass Pool Colours?

Yes, there are many different coloured shells available in the pool industry. This may vary between pool builders, but rest assured you don’t have to settle for the standard blue colour if you don’t want to. You can customise your pool colour to a deeper, darker, or lighter colour. We’ve seen some swimming pool builders offer black, green, blue, and grey in their ranges. 

Can You Customise Your Fibreglass Pool To Have A Spa?

Yes, many fibreglass pool companies will have options available to incorporate a spa as part of your swimming pool. The location of the spa can also vary between pool designs so be sure to do your research before committing to your fibreglass pool and spa combo.

Can You Add Water Features?

Yes, depending on the fibreglass pool company you will find that each builder has different water feature designs to suit your requirements. Some will allow for you to add a custom water feature to provide that perfect focal point. Other fibreglass pool builders will have features incorporated as part of their swimming pool range. For example, one of the latest trends is the sunpod. The sunpod is often a shallow tiled area to one side of the pool, often incorporating pop up jets and lighting to create a unique water feature, or an area for younger children to safely splash about in. You can also install deck jets as part of your pool project! We’ve written an an article on ‘Designing your Swimming pool Water Feature‘ to provide you with a bit of inspiration. 

Are Fibreglass Pools Easy To Maintain?

Short answer, yes! Fibreglass pools are very easy to maintain thanks to the smooth shell, making it easier to sweep debris, and harder for blackspot to bond! Just like concrete pools you can still use the best swimming pool cleaners, including robotic pool cleaners to do the work for you. In terms of ongoing maintenance, fibreglass pools are relatively easy to balance. You may need to talk to your pool builder to understand what the manufacturer’s warranty covers, and what chemicals you can and can’t use to balance your water. Again, this may vary between each company.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Fibreglass Pool?

Fibreglass pools can take between two to four weeks to install depending on your specific requirements and design complexities. This is one of the benefits to building a fibreglass swimming pool over a concrete swimming pool, because the shells are already custom made. Just keep in mind that from the moment you sign up with your pool builder they will have to submit plans for council approval which can take time depending on your local council. The pool installation time can also be delayed due to weather conditions like rain which makes it difficult to work in.

You also need to consider the complexities of the location in which the pool will be going? Is there a chance when excavating the builder might hit rock which could delay the process? Do stormwater pipes need to be relocated? Is your access limited? These are all things you need to consider and talk about with your builder to understand the timeframe.

Can You Tile A Fibreglass Pool?

Generally if you’re after a fully tiled swimming pool the best option is concrete. However, many fibreglass pool companies will provide you with an array of options to incorporate tiles as part of your sunpod area. You can also incorporate tiles in your water feature to make it ‘pop’. There are also generally no limitations between fibreglass pool companies as to the type of coping tile you choose, wether that be travertine, granite, sandstone, or similar.

Can You Incorporate Pool Heating As Part Of Your Fibreglass Pool?

Most certainly yes! Just as with concrete pools you can incorporate pool heating. This is particular beneficial if you live in a cooler climate and want to maximise on all year round swimming. There are many different pool heating options to consider such as gas heating, electric heaters, and solar heating. Talk to your fibreglass pool builder about the options they have available and how you can best heat your fibreglass pool efficiently at minimal cost.

We hope we’ve answered some of those questions you may have had around fibreglass swimming pools. Remember, don’t be afraid to shop around for different pool shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. If you find a fibreglass pool builder you really like, be open about what your design options you are after. They may not display all available options but in some cases they can source the design you are after.

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