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Thinking Of An Infinity Edge Pool? 

Often referred to as wet-edge pools or vanishing edge pools, an Infinity edge swimming pool is a luxurious must have! Especially if you live on some of the most beautiful Gold Coast waterways. Consider the best infinity edge pool Gold Coast has on offer! It can completely transform your prime located home to the next level. We’d like to take this opportunity to talk about infinity pools and some of the work completed by our Gold Coast pool builders and members.

What Exactly Is An Infinity Edge Pool?

An infinity edge pool’s water is full to the top so water can flow over one edge and recirculate through the pool filtration system and back into the pools water. This is unlike traditional pools where the waterline is approximately 100 – 150 millimetres below the coping tile.

Holiday Resort

Do you often go away on a holiday and you find yourself staying at a hotel or resort with an infinity edge pool? How good does the water look as it’s flowing over the edged providing that look of endless water? How good does it compliment the mountain and beach views? Well, you could very well be the owner of an infinity edge pool and create this very same look and feel in your home. Generally they cost a little more than your traditional swimming pool, but you really can’t go past the luxurious look and feel! It will make you feel like you’re having a holiday right in the privacy of your own home. Check out some of the completed projects by our Gold Coast pool builders.

infinity edge pool gold coast


Our Gold Coast pool builders have been building some of the most awarded infinity edge pools in prime locations. Popular locations include Hope Island, Broadbeach, Miami, Palm Beach, and everywhere in between. In fact, these costal suburbs are deemed the most popular homes to have infinity edge pools. Infinity pools have proven to increase home value substantially according to these customers.


When building your infinity edge swimming pool you need to consider that overall look and feel. Whilst dearer than a pebble interior, consider taking your infinity edge pool to the next level with the incorporation of tiles to complete your pools interior. This will completely transform the look and feel; much smoother than pebblecrete.


Consider an auto top up valve. This is plumbed directly into your water tank or holding tank and draws water out as it needs to keep the water topped up. You can plumb these into the main water, but most people will utilise the likes of a ran water tank or holding tank to do this.

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