Designing Your Swimming Pool Water Feature

Build You Stunning Water Feature

Are you wanting to make your swimming pool have that extra something? Consider adding a water feature! Water features are a great addition to any swimming pool as it can create that unique custom designed focal point that will be sure to impress. Plus, who doesn’t like the sound of water running softly in the background whilst relaxing by a pool, right? In fact, did you know that according to Latham Pool, you simply can’t build a custom pool without having some form of a unique feature to go with it? They don’t just mean water features either, you may choose to incorporate a fire pit. tanning ledge, or even a GRAND slide! Although, today we will just focus on water features. 

There are so many design ideas to consider when designing your water feature. For example, are you looking for a natural rock water feature to blend in with surrounding nature? Or, maybe you are after that modern tiled water feature. Well, just to add further confusion to your decision, maybe you should incorporate some lighting to make it a statement piece not just during the day, but also at night. So many choices to consider!

Don’t let Pool Broker get in the way of your imagination! Let it free! But, if like many you know you need a water feature to complete your backyard, but aren’t sure how your ideas will work, why don’t you check out some images of swimming pool water features below. Some of these are great, right? In fact some of these water features achieved awards by our very own pool builder members! Check them out!

“Movement in the water has been something special to us humans for centuries. It’s appealing to look at, soothing to listen to, enchanting to feel, and has a healing effect on our physical and mental selves.”

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Tropical Water Feature Design

The above is a pretty impressive water feature that blends in with the surrounding environment, don’t you think? This was built by one of the most awarded pool builders Brisbane has on offer. But, wait we have some more! Wait until you see how unique the next water feature is! This homeowner certainly didn’t shy away from adding that artistic appeal. 

The above water feature is so unique! We love the use of the stone and glass combined with lighting to create that WOW factor. 

Craft Your Perfect Water Feature

We hope we’ve helped your craft together your ideal water feature design to compliment your swimming pool, but if like some you are trying to be budget conscious, consider incorporating deck jets. Desk jets are a cost effective solution to owning your own water feature and hearing that beautiful sound of water softly running in the background. Most pool builders will be able to place deck jets in your coping tile. Just ask!

From the Pool Broker Team to you! We hope we have provided you with some imagery to spark your imagination. Just remember to have fun with your ideas and don’t be afraid to ask you pool builder to work with your ideas in bringing them to life. 

For more images of swimming pool water features check out our design gallery and portfolio of pools


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