Different Pool Fencing Options

Different Types of Pool Fencing To Choose

Are you stuck on trying to find the ideal pool fencing to compliment your swimming pool? There is no doubt the once popular black aluminium pool fencing is becoming less common as homeowners seek to create a more unique backyard space.

Whilst fences are a legal requirement in most Australian states, and the laws vary from each local government area, it’s best to check with your council and state regulators around the requirements specific to your area. Alternatively, engage a local pool safety inspector to provide guidance. Below are just a few types of pool fencing options to consider when building your swimming pool.

Black Aluminium Pool Fencing

Black aluminium pool fences are very common. They are easy to install, affordable, and lightweight. All pool fencing companies can install these types of fences, but you can also purchase from most local Bunnings stores.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Becoming a more popular option in recent years, frameless glass pool fences offer the ultimate luxury look! Why are these fences so popular? Simply put, they offer unobstructed views. Therefore, creating that beautiful flow between any outdoor entertainment area and the swimming pool, making for a better integrated backyard.

There are many optional finishes to the spigots. Some options include your standard stainless steel, and black powder coated just to name a few.

PVC Pool fencing

Hot on the market in 2021 is the PVC pool fencing. Companies such as Dream Fencing offer maintenance free PVC pool fences in an array of designs, shapes, and sizes. Providing a Hampton style finish these fences are easy to clean, long lasting, durable, and a designer’s choice. We have shared a few images of Dream Fencing’s PVC fences below.

Aluminium & Glass Combination

A combination of both aluminium and glass is also a popular choice. We have shared a fence completed by Mermaid Pool Fencing. This customer has maximized on unobstructed views whilst also creating a section of privacy. With a grey finish it looks great and ties in with the home very well.

Source: Mermaid Pool Fencing

Selecting the best pool fencing for your needs

When selecting your pool fencing think about your ultimate goal. If you are looking to create unobstructed views, then glass pool fencing would be the ultimate product for your pool safety barrier! However, if you are after a budget option, aluminium is the one for you – you can even install this yourself with ease. Choosing something like PVC or white panel fencing will create that more unique Hampton look and feel. – THe ideal solution if you have a Hampton sytle home and outdoor entertainment area.

Don’t feel limited or constrained to these options either. You can be as creative as you like by building a custom pool fence tailored to your specific requirements. For example, stained timber posts with glass fencing in between, or standalone post spaced out to the minimum legal requirements.

If you need help choosing the best safety barrier around your pool, get in touch with Pool Broker. We can point you in the right direction to understand your local legal requirements.


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