Safety is very important, especially when you have infants and aged people around the vicinity, it is very important to understand pools located around the home is to be adequately monitored and secured. Pool Broker are on top of the list when it comes to providing high-quality pool fence inspectors and has proven themselves by handing over thousands of pool fence inspection quote requests. We have legally registered and licensed pool inspectors to carry out repairs and other necessary maintenance services. We ensure their services offered are carried out in a professional manner.

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  • Residential pool maintenance and repair to ensure that children and aged people are kept safe.
  • The shared pool which is to be properly inspected to ensure that the pool is safe for the general public to swim.

When you need a professional pool fence inspection or pool safety certificate to help aid the sale or rent of your house, simply think of Pool Brokers because we are your best and safest options in available trades.


Our pool safety inspectors play a vital role in helping you get or acquire a pool safety certificate by doing an inspection that will check for areas proving to act as a problem or areas characterised with poor standards. The issuance of a pool safety certificate is generally administered by the pool inspector within forty-eight hours (48 hours) after active checking is finalised. If there is an update on the criteria required for compliance your local pool inspector is ready to help you through the provision of necessary pool safety report which will clearly state the current problems present to your pool vicinity and also provide answers on how to go about it. As soon as all problems are resolved, you will be given a pool safety certificate after which your pool inspector would have completed their second pool inspection. However, there are a lot of things that are to be duly noted while undergoing pool inspection and some of them include

  • Cutting or trimming of tree branches which can enable a child to pass the fence.
  • It is advised that climbable objects around the pool vicinity should be removed.
  • Pool gates should be automated, meaning the gates should close automatically.
  • The distance between the fence and ground should not be more than 100mm
  • It is very important to repair and tighten gate hinges immediately it developed a fault.
  • Ensure that pool safety barrier maintains a height of 1200mm from the ground level.

When it comes to leasing out or selling your property, a pool safety inspection is to be carried out by a licensed pool inspector who, in conjunction with legislative requirements will work with you to enhance and improve pool safety. Having a pool barrier is compulsory if the property is to be used for personal purpose, then they must adopt the safety pool standard.

If you are in the process of building a new pool with a pool builder, be sure to confirm whether or not the pool safety inspection is incorporated as part of the certification process in your contract.


Pool Broker has long been providing solutions for inspecting pool fences since the conception of our company; we have fence inspectors who are well experienced and trained to understand the standards and legality of pool fencing and safety. The level of experience gathered by our fence inspectors members gives them the edge to produce a positive result for all projects they have been involved in.

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