As a leading supplier of the best pool cleaners Gold Coast has on offer, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands with Pool Broker. With Pool Broker trades, our Gold Coast pool cleaners and technicians are fully vetted and qualified to undertake all aspects of your pool cleaning maintenance needs.

Pool Cleaning Service Gold Coast

Offering you hassle a hassle-free pool cleaning service on the Gold Coast, some of the services you can expect our trades to take care of include

  • Once-off pool cleaning service
  • Hotel & Resort pool cleaning
  • Regular pool cleaning service
  • Green pool cleaning service
  • Pool equipment cleaning and maintenance

With a one stop shop in all of your swimming pool maintenance needs, you can relax and enjoy your space. 

If you are ready to engage the best pool cleaning service the Gold Coast has on offer then get in touch with Pool Broker today! We would love to hear from you!

Why Hire A Pool Maintenance Technician?


A pool maintenance technician will ensure your swimming pool is safe and clean to swim in. They also understand every aspect of pool chemistry to ensure minimal cost in the supply of chemicals to balance your water at each service. However, if you are time poor, then a regular service might be just what you need.

There are other benefits to hiring a pool maintenance technician and this includes protecting your asset, especially on completion of your new pool. If like hundreds of residents you have engaged one of our premium pool builders Gold Coast to build your new concrete or fibreglass pool, you want to ensure you get it serviced right from the get-go. This will ensure any calcium which often comes with the filling of water for the first time is managed, along with removal of any sediment, dust, and on the case of concrete pools, the pebblecrete remnants are removed.

Green Pool Cleaning Service Gold Coast


That dreaded look of a green pool! When you first see it you instantly think about the costs involved in cleaning and maintaining the pool. There are the costs of chemicals, water, and other elements. However, hiring a local pool cleaner is a sure way to get your pool back to crystal clear water conditions as quickly and as cost effective as possible.

Enquire with Pool Broker and we will connect you with only the best trades to manage your green pool.


Connecting you with your local Gold Coast pool cleaners. Simply submit what you are after and Pool Broker will do all of the hard work in connecting you with only the best!

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