Finding The Best Swimming Pool Builders In Brisbane

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What do you look for when finding the best swimming pool builders Brisbane has? Are you looking for a pool builder that offers affordable price? Perhaps you are after a company that can build your pool and complete your landscaping requirements?

Swimming Pool & Landscape Packages

Most swimming pool builders in Brisbane will work with you to incorporate your swimming pool and landscape as a complete package. Many are licenced to complete both, but if they don’t they may be able to recommend some of the best landscaping trades they’ve worked with in the past. Their recommendations are vital as they will not only want to protect their brand reputation through their recommendations, but your pool builder will have familiar trades that also understand their specific construction flow. Therefore, ensuring all of the trades work seamlessly on site to complete your project in a timely manner.

Research Trade Recommendations

When looking at landscaper and trade recommendations be sure to diligently do your homework. This includes check they are licenced. – The QBCC have a licence search tool available on their website. Also check their reviews and reach out to your local community in the many social media platforms to gauge feedback from others who have hired the landscaper or trade you are considering.

Most importantly, ask your landscaper or trade to share their previous work.

Cost To Build A Pool In Brisbane

Swimming pool builders in Brisbane offer pricing reflective of the quality of trades and materials they use. Those offering a more quality premium finish will generally have more industry experience and offer a difference in the overall quality and finish.  For example, you will find a plunge pool cost Brisbane to be anywhere between $20,000 to $35,000. Although, $20,000 might come across as attractive in the first instance, it is important to understand why this is a cheap pool in comparison to other quotes.

Understand the contract terms and materials used by your swimming pool builder. Look beyond the fact that all your quotes may be for the same size pool, because although you may find differences there is most often a difference in the quality or contract terms for allowances such us excavation works. Don’t be afraid to compare these with other pool builders to ensure you are comparing ‘like for like’.  

Top 10 Things Should Look For When Comparing The Cost To Build Your Brisbane Pool

  1. What types of tiles are they using?
  2. Is there an excavation allowance? If so, is it a reasonable amount to complete the works? The last thing you want is to get a bill asking you to pay more because your dig has gone over.
  3. What type of materials are being used to build your pool?
  4. If opting for a fibreglass pool as your fibreglass pool installer to go through the features and benefits of their fibreglass pools.
  5. If opting to build a concrete pool you should ask your swimming pool builder in Brisbane to share what strength concrete they use. (the best is 32mpa). Also ask what strength steel they will be using.
  6. What type of filtration equipment are your being provided with? Is the price in line with the quality of the equipment?
  7. How reputable is the pool builder? Do they come recommended by others?
  8. How much experience does your pool builder have?
  9. Has your pool builder got a clear record? Simply check their licence through the QBCC licence search tool.
  10. Ask your pool builder if you can talk to some of their previous customers to provide you with an insight into their experience.

Considering the above will ensure you make the most informed decision when it comes to choosing the right pool builder at the most affordable cost for what they are offering. For more head on over to selecting the best pool contractors

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