Introducing the Paramount In-floor Pool Cleaning system

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Build a swimming pool the cleans itself!

Did you know that in-floor pool cleaning systems can save you a considerable amount of time and money in cleaning your swimming pool? That’s right! If you are keen on saving money then keep reading.

What is an in-floor pool cleaning system?

An in-floor pool cleaning system is quite often referred to as a pool circulation system and is designed to reduce the manual effort in regular vacuuming. The Paramount infloor cleaning system has pop up jets strategically placed in the floor and seats. When turned on these almost invisible jets will raise and release a steady stream of water. This steady stream pushes debris from the bottom of the swimming pool to the main drain.

The Paramount in-floor pool cleaning system reduces the need to have an unsightly robotic or suction pool cleaner. – Once less piece of equipment!

PCC2000 Cleaning and Circulation System

The paramount brand offers only the best in in-floor pool cleaning with their patented PCC2000 system. This product is exclusive to trained and licensed pool builders to ensure the ongoing quality and reliability of the PCC2000 in-floor cleaning system. This product is so good that it will clean 99% of your entire pool, guaranteed. The powerful cleaning nozzles are strategically placed in your spa, the pools floor, and steps to pop up in a controlled sequence. It will literally sweep debris from every corner of your pool or spa. It is undoubtably one of the most technologically advanced pool cleaners in the industry and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on all of the cleaning nozzles.

For more information check out the product video below or read the PCC2000 product brochure.

Throw away those pool cleaners and built a pool that cleans itself! Talk to your local pool builders about incorporating the Paramount infloor pool cleaning as part of your pool project. 

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