Are you after the best lap pools Sydney has on offer? Look no further!

If you want to incorporate water into your exercise routine, then look no further! The lap pool is the perfect pool design for those who want to stay active and love spending time in the water. Lap pools are especially great if you’re looking to avoid going to any public pools to get your exercise in. Now you can do laps at the comfort of your own home.

swimmer getting ready to jump in lap pools sydney

Crafting the Perfect Lap Pool For You

If you have an extended amount of space in your yard, we would love to design and build the perfect lap pool for you. However, if your outdoor space is limited, you may be better off going with a smaller pool option with swim jets instead. Our team of pool builders typically craft lap pools with an additional dedicated pump, which can create a powerful current for you to swim against.

Keep in mind that ideally, lap pools should be at least 3 meters wide. This will ensure that you have enough space to swim in the pool and extend your arms. It is also worth considering some kind of swimming lane, to ensure that you’re swimming in a straight line when exercising. Whatever your requirements we offer the best pool builders Sydney has on offer to craft that stunning yet functional lap pool you may be after. 

Lap Pools Aren’t Just For Exercise

While they are a stellar option for aquatic exercise, that’s not all that lap pools are for. If you’re going to build a large pool in your outdoor space, make it your perfect backyard getaway! Our design team will work with you to discuss luxury elements that you can add to your lap pool to make the experience that much more immersive. You can also incorporate different elements of your outdoor space to make it more complete, such as a hot tub, entertainment area, or your yard’s surrounding landscape.

Contact Pool Broker to schedule a time for one of our team members to survey your yard and look into your options for a lap pool. 

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