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Purapool has been around for years as an innovative Australian water purification manufacturer. For the best mineral pool look no further! The introduction of the Oxygen Minerale is one of their call our products and has really exceeded the expectations of health conscious pool owners. Our team at Pool Broker are so excited about this product that we are going to share with you some of the features and benefits you can enjoy in owing your own Purapool Oxygen Minerale. Instead of adding traditional salt to the pools water, this system uses minerals sourced from the Himalayas and contains a blend of 84 beneficial elements and minerals.  Say goodbye to salt forever!


  • No chlorine smell or taste
  • Sore eyes are a thing of the past
  • No itchy skin
  • Relieves tired muscles
  • Provides energy
  • Calms the mind
  • Promotes healing

The Purapool Oxygen Minerale is literally jam packed with first class features. This includes the energy efficiency offered with this unit, along with the auto de-scale, oxygen production, and cover / indoor mode.

Oxygen Minerale

Why choose a mineral pool system?

The Purapool Oxygen Minerale is used by many athletes after a workout to relax their muscles. That’s thanks to the mineral blend! Furthermore, may parents swear by mineral based pools for children prone to itchy eyes from chlorine. Just imagine having a swimming experience like no other, an experience where the water is soft, has no chlorine smell, and no chlorine taste, just as nature intend.

There as so many products on the market that offer alternatives to your standard chlorine swimming pool, however none are like the Purapool Oxygen Minerale! Did you know that you don’t have to settle with the traditional chlorinator you’ve already got installed on your pool either. The Purapool Oxygen Mineral can be added to any existing swimming pool.

Check out the product brochures below and talk to your pool builder or pool shop about converting to a mineral pool today!


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