Are you after a plunge pool builder? Have you got limited space? Looking to maximise the limited space you have in having a place to cool off during the summer months. Get those existing natural features of a tropical oasis close to your home with a plunge pool. 


A concrete plunge pool or fiberglass plunge pool can be constructed in a limited space and allow for a multitude of pool design options to capitalise on your limited space or entertainment area. You can also utilize a plunge pool all year long with the use of a pool heater to turn it into a heated ‘spa’ over the winter months. Given that plunge pools are smaller, they require smaller heaters, therefore lower running costs than that of a traditional pool. Talk to your pool builder about the different heating options available for your pool.

Plunge pools have little or minimal impact on the available usable space around the environment. The plunge pool is a small pool that can be built in a very small or limited space; it does not have a specific shape because of its small nature of about 5 meters long and 3 meters wide depending on the available space.

When you talk of total and complete professional pool builders to help you manage your space and at the same time provide you with beautiful concrete plunge pools, then you have arrived at your destination. Here at Pool Broker we can find you that perfect pool builder to provide you with the best concrete or fiberglass plunge pool.


The plunge pool can also serve as a means of going through fitness routine by athletes and other fitness lovers through the application or installations of swim jets to help in carrying out laps within a small space. Also, the presence of a plunge pool can serve the purpose of relaxation to help relieve you from the body pains and stressed muscles.


One unique feature about the plunge pool is that it can be built anywhere, outside the house, inside the house, and even on rooftops. You can also make it more comfortable and convenient by the improvisation of spa jets and seats, which can lead to the transformation of plunge pools into a spa.

You can get very creative with plunge pools by focusing on statement pieces and tile options to make it that focal part of your entertainment area. Also, the planting of beautiful flowers or plants and proper landscaping around the plunge pool, alongside beautiful lighting at night to bring about the beautification of the environment.


You might be wondering what heating has to do with a plunge pool, heating a plunge pool can help you to feel comfortable and make your plunge pool looks attractive and enjoyable all day long. The cost of acquiring or building a plunge pool is less, so why not make it comfortable, heating can be carried out using solar, electric, gas, and other heating options. You’ll also be pleased to know that the ongoing running costs associated are generally much less than that of a traditional swimming pool given the size.

Here at Pool Broker we can offer you pool builders who are growing with technology and are up to date with the latest innovations and designs around. Think of us in considering your next plunge pool builder.


We boast a team of well-trained, fully qualified and experienced local trade members who are conversant with all Australian Standard requirements. We take the guess work out and maintain annual reviews of our trade members to ensure they are licenced, insured, qualified, and come supported by previous clients. These rigorous checks ensure only the best swimming pool trade for you. 

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