Plunge Pool Cost Brisbane

Plunge Pool Cost Brisbane

Plunge pools are a compact in size and offer all the features and benefits of a regular sized swimming pool. However, more and more homeowners are looking for the best small plunge pools Brisbane has on offer, firstly because of the hassle-free maintenance they offer. Secondly, with Brisbane backyards becoming smaller and smaller as population grows, residents still want to maintain that cost effective yet luxury look and feel. Now to the question on Plunge pool cost Brisbane.

Plunge Pool Cost To Install In Brisbane

The cost effectiveness of plunge pools in Brisbane are evident in not only the cost to build one, but the longer term running and maintenance.

What does a plunge pool in Brisbane cost? In terms of the initial investment, you can expect a small plunge pool in Brisbane to cost between $20,000 and $35,000 across both the fibreglass and concrete style. This cost incorporates the construction and installation of a pool with dimensions of up to 6m in length and 4m wide.

Cost & Time To Maintain A Plunge Pool

The standard Brisbane Plunge pool require less chemicals than your larger sized swimming pool thanks to the smaller volume of water.

We have spoken to the people of Brisbane who have recently installed a small plunge pool and they have shared with us how effortless the maintenance is. Given the smaller body of water, there is no need to clean the filter as often. While vacuuming a regular pool can take time, the plunge pool is effortless thanks to the smaller floor space.

Spend less time maintaining your plunge pool and more time relaxing!

Cheaper Pool Heating

Plunge Pools are 40% cheaper to heat than your average size pool thanks to the lower volume of water. When coupled with a pool blanket or cover, these savings increase to 60%. Therefore, providing you with a heated pool to enjoy all year long. Even in those colder months!

A Small Focal Point

Uplift your small backyard by creating a private backyard resort of your own! Plunge pools, whilst small can come with all of the features and benefits as with any other concrete or fibreglass pool. We have listed 3 simple considerations to help maintain that perfect swimming pool.

Water Feature

Incorporating a swimming pool water feature is still possible and can create that subtle sound of water running in the background with a focal point from your entertainment area.

Surround Tiles

Incorporating surround tiles to match your entertainment area can give that larger space impression. There are an abundance of pool tiles on the market to meet your specific design requirements. Talk to your Brisbane pool builders about the best options for your space.

Glass Pool Fencing

We recommend installing glass pool fencing to maintain unobstructed views and better integration of your entertainment and pool area.

Glass pool fencing also act as a safety measure and watchful eye on your kids as they swim.

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