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If you have limited space in your yard or a smaller budget for your project, a plunge pool might be the best option for you. At Pool Broker, we specialise in providing the best home pool services, and more specifically plunge pools. Keep reading to learn why a plunge pool might be right for you!

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Reasons Why You Should Get a Plunge Pool

While many people may give up on the idea of getting a pool because they have a small yard, that shouldn’t be the case. Plunge pools are a fantastic smaller option compared to standard sized pools. Here are some of our favorite reasons to own a plunge pool.

Lower Cost Than Traditional Pools

The cost of a plunge pool will heavily depend on the size and style that you choose. Still, the average cost of a plunge pool is about half of that of a traditional pool. By spending less money on the pool, it opens up the opportunity to invest in other outdoor projects. They’re also a great option if you won’t be having tons of people in the pool, anyway.

Low Electricity Use

Continuing with the theme of cost-savings, plunge pools also require less electricity use. That’s because the use of electricity for filters and heaters with a plunge pool is less than other pool types. You can expect this type of pool to contribute less to your electricity bill, which should be a welcomed type of savings.

Great For Smaller Lots

If you live on a smaller lot of land, a plunge pool is a more realistic option for your home. They’re smaller than standard sized pools, making them more flexible in terms of yard placement.

Relaxing and Therapeutic

We create plunge pools with relaxation in mind. They are the ultimate place to get away from the everyday stresses of life and breathe easy.

Contact Pool Broker to find you the best pool builders Sydney has on offer to survey your yard and look into your options for a plunge pool. 

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