Selecting the best pool contractors

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What should you consider when choosing pool contractors?

Finding the best pool contractors is no easy task. This is where Pool Broker are here to lend a helping hand in making sure you are connected with the most reputable pool contractor. All of our pool builders and members are full licensed and are backed by many years’ of experience. Providing peace of mind knowing you can expect nothing short of exceptional quality and attention to detail in the finished product. After all, installing a new swimming pool is no cheap exercise.

There are many things you need to consider before accepting a quote. You shouldn’t purely base your decision on the price as this could end up costing you more money in the long run. Sometimes you need to have a happy medium whilst considering the below factors to influence your decision.

Did Your Pool Contractors Attend To Your Quote Meeting On Time?

Attending your quote meeting on time is a good indication that you can expect an attentive pool builder throughout the construction process.

Which Of The Pool Contractors Provided You With A Quote In The Timeframe Provided?

Again, this will provide an indication into the reliability of each pool contractor. If they haven’t been able to deliver on time, but they’ve kept you in the loop, then this is a good indication that communication is key to them.

What Do Your Pool Contractors Reviews Say About Them?

Don’t necessarily be put off by a couple of bad reviews. Look at each pool companies reviews holistically. If the majority of their reviews are negative ask the pool builder to provide context around these. Make a point of looking at how the pool company responds to negative reviews. If they take full accountability and offer a means to win back the customers confidence, this could potentially be a good sign.

How Many Years Has The Pool Company Been In Business?

In most cases it’s a good thing if the pool company has been in business for many years. It’s a sign they are experienced and well worth considering.

Can A Pool Contractor Provide You With A Copy Of Their Trade Licences Or Industry Associations?

In most states pool builders are required to have an industry related lisence (For example, Queenland pool builders require a QBCC pool construction license), so be sure to complete your checks here. If the company is a member of an industry association like SPASA or Master Builders you may reap some of the benefits and protection measures these associations offer. – This varies from state to state, so be sure to check out what association your pool builder is part of and review the associations website. 

Has The Pool Contractor Had Any Defects?

Defects are often registered with the licensing body. Be sure to review this with the licensing body in your state as this can vary from state to state. A defect is a sign that an issue has been identified with the pool construction work and the pool builder has been directed by the licensing body to rectify.

Is Your Pool Contractor Flexible With Design?

If your pool contractor offers flexibility in the design of your swimming pool to cater towards your specific requirements, then this is something you should consider when weighing up your available options. Does your pool builder offer complete pool and landscaping packages. For example, can you pool builder complete turf installation? This may not only save you the hassle of engaging multiple companies, but offer a more cost effective solution to your overall pool and landscaping needs.

What Type Of Materials Are Your Pool Contractors Offering?

Here at Pool Broker we recommend pulling apart and analysing all of the quotes you have, paying particular attention to the type of materials included. Whilst you may have one quote which is considerably cheaper, it doesn’t necessarily mean the quality in material is there. For example, maybe one builder is including sandstone tiles versus another builder who is offering granite or travertine.

Take a look at inclusions and allowances. One pool builder may only provided a $4000 excavation allowance versus another pool builder with a $2000 allowance. In some instances (refer to your builders terms) the unused portion of your allowance may be refundable. With a $2000 allowance, you may end up having to pay more if the excavation goes over. Again, worth checking with your pool builder as their terms may vary.

Check Out Previous Work And Talk To Previous Customers

Ask pool contractors if they have any customers who would be happy for you to look at their swimming pool. If they offer be sure to ask their customer how their experience was? This will provide you with the perfect insight into how well the experience was for them. Look at commentary from previous customers on social media. Don’t be afraid to jump in and ask them how their experience from quote to finish was.

We hope this article has provided you with an insight into what you should look for when choosing pool contractors to build your backyard oasis. Just remember, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Provide each builder with an opportunity to walk you through their offerings. This will help you choose the best company to go with.


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