South East Queensland COVID Pool Construction Boom

south east queensland covid construction boom

South East Queensland has undoubtedly seen a massive boom in construction, specifically with regards to the construction of swimming pools. Pool Builders throughout Australia are seeing a boom like nothing ever seen before. We spoke to the top 10 pool builders Brisbane has on offer about how COVID has impacted their businesses. Most have said that they are seeing enquiry increases of over 400% on the previous year. Whilst it’s been a welcomed sight and keep many pool builders operating at capacity over the winter months of 2021, there is no doubt that the need for a backyard pool is in demand.

We asked why enquiries have increased

The increase in enquiries throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast has been largely due to homeowners having more money to spend. However, the increase and demand for a backyard swimming pool has also been due to homeowners looking to create their own backyard oasis now that more time is spend in the home than ever before.

Increased confidence

In June 2021 The Australian Bureau of Statistics conducted a survey on the Household Impacts of COVID-19  and found that:

  • 26% of Australians expected their household income to increase (similar to 25% in April 2021)
  • 63% of Australians expected their household income to stay the same (similar to 64% in April 2021)
  • 11% of Australians expected their household income to decrease (similar to 10% in April 2021).

This survey also found that 16% are expecting to use savings for renovating homes. In addition 11% expect to use savings towards building or buying a new home. With many households feeling confident on household income increasing or staying the same; encouraged higher confidence in spending, including towards construction.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (2021)

Backyard Holiday Paradise

With international travel suspended, the demand for pools has also been driven by homeowners looking to create a backyard holiday. A space to relax, enjoy, and keep the kids entertained. – A must have during lockdowns!

Concrete Supply Strain

Most pool construction supplies such as steel and filtration equipment have been largely unimpacted by COVID. However, as with any increase in the industry supply stains appear. When we spoke to some of the top pool builders in Brisbane they said they were feeling the struggles moving through jobs as quickly as they used to. On average swimming pools in 20201 are taking an extra 4 – 6 weeks to complete.

Why? With renovations and construction going through the roof, demand on materials such as concrete is now delaying how long in advance pool builders need to book concrete. Some suppliers like Nucon Concrete are advising 3 weeks delay to order concrete for any job. Once a simple task, ordered with just a few days notice to be ready after the excavation and steel stage is now a juggle. Pool builders work tirelessly to coordinate excavation companies, moving digs due to rain, and COVID lockdowns, all whilst trying to maintain the concrete delivery.  

Crane Operators

Majority of fibreglass pool installation require a crane. Fibreglass pool companies are also under added pressure as they work tirelessly with crane operators to book in jobs. With the construction boom extending across all building sectors, crane operators are fully booked in advance. This is adding complexities to fibreglass pool companies in scheduling in crane operators with month long delays.

Border Closures & Vaccine Requirements

Border closures and vaccine requirements have impacted some builders who access trades from Northern New South Wales. The current requirement set by the Queensland Government is that anyone crossing the border must have had at least 1 vaccine (that’s when the borders are open) to enter into Queensland. This has driven demand to already stretched local trades like steel fixers, tilers, and swimming pool plumbers just to name a few.

The Christmas Rush

in September 2021 most pool builders cut off promising completed pools before Christmas. The cut off is much earlier than previous years which normally starts in the first week of November. Although, there are still some pool builders with availability to complete pools before Christmas, there isn’t many! The industry remains hopeful that the weather outlook and COVID lockdowns remian favourable to completing most of their jobs right in time for Christmas 2021.

This being said, now is the time to get your quote! Get your quote, sign your contract so your pool builder can get the ball rolling on your engineering and certification to commence construction in January! Doing so will ensure you can swim this summer!

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