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Finding the best pool cleaner or pool maintenance trade can be hard. However, it doesn’t need to be. Pool Broker has a wide range of pool cleaners near you to provide you with the crystal clear water every time. Whether you need a once off pool cleaner or a regular pool cleaning service let us find the best person for the job. We understand that your swimming pool is one of the biggest investments, and as such you need someone who can help maintain this for you and ensure you have a healthy swimming experience. We’ve outline some of the services you can expect from your local pool cleaner.

  • Once off pool cleaning
  • Regular pool cleaning
  • Pool maintenance
  • Equipment repairs
  • Equipment replacement
  • Green pool cleaning
  • Holiday house pool cleaning


Do you have a holiday home? Don’t risk your guests being turned off due to a dirty swimming pool with debris. Hire the services of a pool cleaner to maintain your holiday home’s swimming pool. Most will provide a regular schedule to service your swimming pool after your gest checks out. This is particularly important to ensure all of the equipment is running as it should. Filter is clean, and pool is balanced to maintain a health balanced water for the next guests.


Most people panic at the first sight of a green pool. Clearing up the pools water back to crystal clear conditions can be challenging and costly, but it doesn’t need to be. Don’t guess what chemicals need to be added to bring your swimming pool back to life. Hire a swimming pool cleaner to do this for you. Normally it only takes between one to three visits over the course of the week to get your pool back up and running. If you are only using a pool cleaning service to clear your pool up, then be sure to ask how you can avoid it going green in the future. Even better, enlist their services to service your swimming pool on a regular basis and avoid it going green again.


If you need to outsource your pool cleaning to an external expert then you’ve come to the right place. Most of the pool cleaners and technicians on the Pool Broker platform come fully experienced in cleaning pools for resorts, hotels, and apartments. Depending on the amount of traffic your swimming pool sees it may need to be serviced and balanced daily.


Has your chlorinator finally seen better days? No problem! Your local pool cleaner will be able to either repair or replace it. You should weigh up the age of your pools chlorinator against the cost of repairing it or replacing it with a new one. Maybe, this is your perfect opportunity to change it over to a fresh water system like the Purapool Oxygen Minerale or similar?


Maintaining a swimming pool once built is one of the most critical steps for a new pool owner. Our pool cleaners and technicians are often enlisted to handover newly built swimming pools. This not only provides the swimming pool builder with piece of mind, but it also provides and avenue to educate the homeowner on how they should maintain their swimming pool to ensure longevity for many years to come. Therefore, reducing the support the pool builder needs to provide on completion.

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