Concrete Pools: Why choose to build a concrete swimming pool?

Balinese influenced concrete pools

Are You Trying To Decide Whether To Choose Concrete Or Fibreglass For Your New Pool?

There are many reasons why people choose to build a concrete pools over fibreglass. Whilst this varies some of the reasons include, adaptability, customisation, design choices, and overall flexibility. Whist concrete has its pros on cons, you should still take the time to research the pros and cons of owning a fibreglass pool. Our team here at Pool Broker recently wrote an article on all the things you need to know about fibreglass pools, but we will provide you with some facets on concrete pools.


Concrete swimming pools allow for adaptability to suit any space. This is thanks ti the flexibility in the material. For example, if you have a small back yard you can easily customise the shape of a concrete pool to suit, whereas this can become rather challenging with fibreglass given the shells are manufactured and only available is specific sizes available to the pool builder you go through.


Customise where you’d like to put your steps and benches! That’s right, the flexibility in concrete means you can place your steps and benches wherever you like. Whether that means building them to overlook your entertainment area, or multiple entries into and out of your grand swimming pool. Furthermore, you can manipulate the shape and flow of your steps and benches with a concrete pool, something in which you can’t do with fibreglass. Talk to your pool builder and be creative!


The beauty of concrete is the ability to strategically place your water jets or massage jets wherever you like. You also have the freedom of adding in floor jets wherever you like. This design flexibility is no different to your spa if you are building a concrete pool and spa combination.


Yes, the concrete material in itself provides much better flexibility to build a pool and spa combo just as you want. Quite often many homeowners choose to build a separate spa as part of their pool project to provide two separate uses. This is particularly beneficial if you live in the southern states of Australia where you only have use of your swimming pool for a few warm months of the year. Consider this… If you want to have all year long enjoyment of your pool, but don’t want to pay for heating the whole pool, save money and just heat your spa. This is a much more cost-effective solution and it means you can enjoy your pool area even in the winter months at a fraction the cost.

Talk your pool builder about different design elements for a custom-built spa. For example, why not make your spa pop with a unique tiled interior? We’ve shared some pictures below of concrete spa and pool combinations. As you can see, they are all different, and that the beauty of building your pool with concrete.

Concrete Pool & Surrounds
Custom Designed Concrete Pools
infinity edge pool Gold Coast
Infinity Edge Concrete Pools


You have no limitations on the shape of a concrete swimming pool. Creating your own custom geometric pool could never be easier. From ‘L; shaped, kidney shape, above ground, to luxurious infinity edge pools, you literally have so much freedom with concrete. You can even customise a beach entry into your pool.


Are you after that natural swimming pool that ties into your surrounding environment? Whether that be a tropical beauty, a Victorian garden, or a rainforest retreat, you can design a concrete swimming pool to naturally bend in with its surrounds by strategically designing the overall pool and features. Maybe you’re considering a rock water feature. Or staggered rocks and stone to form part of your coping? We’ve included some images below, but check out our gallery of swimming pool designs and browse some of the natural pool styles.

Lagoon Style Pool
Pool, Spa, and Feature
Concrete Pool & Spa Combo

Overall, concrete can be a great choice, but make sure you talk to your local pool builders to determine the best option for you. Our Pool Broker team can connect you with the best concrete and fibreglass pool builders to help you make an informed decision.


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